4 Ways to Take Your Spring Cleaning Outdoors


Spring cleaning—it’s not just about tackling every crevice in your home with a feather duster. We often think about spring cleaning the inside of our homes, but this beautiful spring weather is the perfect time to get your outdoor spaces in shape and ready for summer. When you’re done sprucing indoors, take a shot at these handy outdoor spring cleaning tips.

  1. Repair your driveway.

Get rid of grass and weeds growing in the cracks of your driveway, then get everything nice and clean using a pressure washer. Then, get rid of those unsightly cracks with a concrete resurfacer such as Quikrete or self-adhesive asphalt repair fabric

  1. Clean that gutter.

Chuck your ladder and grab a gutter cleaning kit to blow leaves and other debris right out of your gutter

  1. Get your deck in ship-shape.

First, spray your deck with a quality deck cleaner, then carefully clean it with a pressure washer or a deck brush. After you rinse it and it has time to dry, you may want to add a coat of sealer or stain.

  1. Freshen up your trash cans.

Trash cans can get foul fast, and you’ll want to get them cleaned up before hot weather hits. You can start by pouring some dish soap into your trash can and washing it out. Then, top it off with some odor eliminator to keep things fresh.

Featured image: Freshly Stained Deck by b0jangles licensed under CC BY 2.0

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