National Hamburger Day: 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed


photo credit: NY

May 28 is National Hamburger Day, and the month of May is actually National Grilling Month, too, whew! A lot to keep up with. We’re here to make it easy for you with 5 things you didn’t know you needed to grill a great burger.

1. Patty shaper/Burger press

Eliminate the guesswork of measuring out meat for your patties and keep them uniform so that no one is fighting over “the big burger.” Some burger presses even allow you to fill your burger with things like cheese, jalapenos, or whatever else you like.

2. Sauce it up

Adding sauces to the outside of your burger is a good way to customize hamburgers, and the best part? Everyone can do something different if they choose. If you’ve never seen the variety of spices, rubs and sauces that we have at Dot’s Ace Hardware, you’re in for a treat!

3. Flavored wood chips

This is one of those things that seems intimidating, but really isn’t. Wood chips or chunks can be put right on top of charcoal once it is hot and the fire has died down and can really make a difference in flavor; from mild – like alder and fruit woods, to medium – oak and hickory, to the strongest flavor imparting wood there is – mesquite.

4. Digital thermometer

When you leave the lid open while you wait for your old style thermometer to rise, you are losing precious heat. Not only will it impress your friends, digital thermometers are more precise, you aren’t trying to count the dashes between the picture of the pig and chicken and figure out where you stand.

5. Your own hands

Press a thumb into the center of your burger patties to create a well and burgers won’t bulge as much (which encourages us to mash them down with our flipper and lose precious juices!) The resulting burgers will be better shaped AND more juicy.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget the cheese 🙂

Stop by and see us on Richmond Road or enjoy site to store shipping from From Dot’s Ace Hardware, Happy Grilling!

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