Yes, You Can: Getting Started With Canning

If you’re like us, you’ve got more fresh veggies in your garden than you and your family can eat. You can stretch your supply throughout the year and build up an emergency food supply with water bath canning.

Rest assured, canning looks way more complicated than it actually is!

Some basic equipment you’ll need to get started is:

pACE3-8248851enh-z7A waterbath canner and canning kit
Pictured: Ball 21Qt Fresh Preserving Canning Kit. Buy online at!


Canning jars, lids and bands
Pictured: Ball 16oz Regular Mouth Mason Jars – 12 count. Buy online at!

You’ve probably got dish towels, pot holders, saucepans, measuring cups and spoons, and a timer on hand—you’ll need those, too.

Once you’ve got your gear, check out these nifty canning resources. They’ll help you master the art of canning!

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Canning from Serious Eats has an awesome, step-by-step, photo-heavy tutorial to help you through the process—and we recommend that you also scroll through the user comments at the bottom. Chances are, if you run into any snags while you’re canning, another user has, too.
  • Canning Granny also has a great beginner’s guide to canning, as well as a ton of recipes that have our mouths watering.
  • You might not expect to find canning supplies at a hardware store, but Dot’s Ace Hardware carries everything you need to become an expert canner. Come by the store and check it out. You can also order anything from Ace Hardware’s canning supplies section and have it shipped to Dot’s for free in-store pickup!
  • When you’ve mastered the basics, venture over to Ball’s and Kerr’s canning recipes repository and get creative with your canning. And if you find one that tastes fabulous, leave us a comment and let us know!

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