Getting Started with Beekeeping

“bees” by Paul Rollins, licensed under CC by 2.0

Did you know that beekeeping can be dated back to at least the year 7000 BCE?

Beekeeping has its advantages, from fresh honey to wax that can be used for candles, cosmetics and more. Lucky for us, modern time has brought many more tools and resources that can help you keep your bees happy, and Dot’s Ace Hardware is the only provider of beekeeping supplies in the Texarkana area.

Here are 4 things you will need to get started in beekeeping:

1. Protective Clothing

You don’t have to have the full white suit, but you need something to keep yourself covered up to protect from stings, and lighter colors are better. Close off openings by tucking pants into socks and cuffs into gloves. Avoid clothing you’ve been stung in before as it could contain a pheromone that will invite more stings.


2. A Hive

Did you think the bees built the hive? Well wild bees certainly do, but when looking to raise your own bees, you start them off with a hive. It’s your hope that the bees will accept the hive as their new home, move in with ease, and get to work!

3. Smoker

Smoke calms the honeybees. Need we say anything else? You’re going to want this piece of equipment. Smoke masks the previously mentioned pheromones that cause the bees to become alarmed.


4. Honey jars & labels

Hopefully you will be producing so much golden honey, you will want to give some away! We have containers for your honey – from mason jars to the bear-shaped bottles – and cute labels as well.


There are several other things you may need to get your bees up and going, for more information check out The American Beekeeping Federation website – Getting Started in Beekeeping.

Finally, the question you have been wondering about: Do bees actually have knees?
The answer may surprise you, but yes they do. Well, SORT OF. Like most insects, bees have 6 sections to their legs and each section is attached to the next by a joint; but none are particularly more knee-like than others in the human sense. It’s more likely that the expression “the bees knees” is referring to the remarkability of something that doesn’t actually exist (like the cat’s pajamas. We think.)


Featured image “beehives” by Franz Jachim is licensed under CC by 2.0

Whether you’re a seasoned apiarist or totally new to bees,
Dot’s has the supplies you need to keep your hives humming.

Come see us at 3411 Richmond Road in Texarkana, Texas!







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tilly says:

    I have wanted to start keeping bees for a long time, but being in a subdivision I don’t think my neighbors would be too receptive. Hubby and I agree that our next house will have more land, greater space between neighbors, and the addition of bee hives. Thanks for the info, I’ve bookmarked the page.


    1. Thanks, Tilly! You’re right, bees may not do too well in the city. Hope you get your hives one day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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