6 Basic Tools You Need in Your Toolkit

We all know that Dot’s carries an amazing variety of tools that are handy for every imaginable situation, but today, we’re getting back to the basics. Whether you’re ready to start fixing things around the house or you’re helping your kids prepare to move into a dorm, you’ll need these basic necessities to tackle a ton of household tasks.

1) Hammer

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Hammers are great for the obvious—driving nails—but they also come in handy in a lot of different situations. The claw on a basic hammer helps you remove nails and pry apart boards. In a pinch, it can even take the place of a crowbar. Basically, anytime you need to pry something apart or smash something, a hammer is your inexpensive best friend.

2) Screwdriver Set

Did you know people have been using screwdrivers to help them complete projects since the Middle Ages? Cover your bases with a good set of screwdrivers from a dependable company like Craftsman. You’ll want a set that includes different sizes of flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers. These guys will get you out of tight spots.

3) Socket Set

Nuts and bolts can be tough, but a good socket wrench set will help you loosen them with ease. So why is a full set a good idea? It’s way easier to change the socket than it is to buy a separate wrench for every size of bolt you’re working with. Look for a set that has both standard (SAE) and metric measurements so you’ll have the right size to tackle any project.

4) Measuring Tape

As the old saying goes, “Measure twice; cut once.” If you need to make a precise cut, you’re going to want a good measuring tape on your side. They also come in handy when you’re looking for furniture to fill a certain space—once you’ve measured your empty spot, grab your measuring tape before you head to the store to make sure your furniture picks properly fit your available space.

5) Drill

Because sometimes you just need to drill a hole. Drills are also great for helping remove tough, stuck screws, and you can attach sockets to them as well. You can get all sorts of drill attachments—there’s even one that’ll mix paint. Make sure you grab a set of drill bits that match your drill.

6)  Jigsaw

If you need to cut wood, you’re going to want a jigsaw. The appeal of a jigsaw: it’ll allow you to make curved cuts, as opposed to a circular saw, which limits you to straight lines. Go for a motorized version, because using a manual jigsaw can be a tedious process!

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