Don’t Forget These 4 Dorm Room Essentials

You’ve packed your clothes, your posters, your TV, your laptop, and everything else you think you need for the perfect college dorm experience. You get moved into your dorm, your parents leave, and then… Something breaks.

You may not think of a hardware store when you’re shopping for dorm essentials, but stores like Dot’s Ace Hardware carry a variety of supplies that you’re going to be glad you have once the school year starts. Here are a few to make sure you’ve got packed up for your move.

  1. Basic tools. Last week we blogged about 6 basic tools you need in your toolkit, and the first five on the list—hammer, screwdriver set, socket set, measuring tape, and drill—are a great start for your first toolbox.
  2. Cleaning supplies. One caveat of moving away from home: you’ve got to clean up after yourself (or invite your folks to visit every weekend). While you’re picking up your tools, grab some cleaning basics, like a broom and dustpan, mop, disinfecting wipes, multi-surface cleaner, dish soap and sponge, etc. Treat yourself to some yummy smelling Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products while you’re at it.
  3. Storage options. Because let’s face it: dorms aren’t known for being huge. Invest in a few affordable and easy-to-assemble products like hanging shelves for your closet, removable hooks for your coats and backpack, and lightweight plastic shelves. Check out tons of storage options on
  4. Power strips. You’ll need to plug in your lamp, watch TV, charge your phone, charge your laptop, charge your iPad… And all at the same time. A good power strip will make your life easier—just make sure you check your dorm rules to make sure they’re allowed.

Visit us at 3411 Richmond Road,or enjoy site-to-store shipping from!

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