Five Things Your Patio Needs This Fall

With the changing of the seasons comes the opportunity to spend time outside without the humidity, sweat and mosquitoes of a Texas summer. Whether you’re entertaining friends or just hanging out after work, the backyard or patio is a great place to relax, and Dot’s has what you need this fall to get your patio hangout-worthy.

1. A Lounge Spot

Some associate hammocks with the lazy days of summer, but once fall temperatures kick in, a hammock makes a great place to cozy up in the afternoon and evening while you enjoy the scenery. Blanket optional.

2. Light it Up

You don’t have to wait for the holidays to hang a strand of white lights on your patio or back porch. Something about the glow makes things feel warm and a little bit magical.


3. Stay Toasty

Whether you want the crackling of wood in a fire pit, or the ease of a propane-powered tabletop heater, we have what you need to stay warm outdoors when the weather turns cold.


4. Invite Nature

Part of the fun of being outside is interacting with nature, hang a bird or squirrel feeder close enough to your back porch that you can watch the comings and goings while you relax.

5. Kick Up the Ambiance

Add that little something that makes the atmosphere that much more relaxing and enjoyable. Our store carries Woodstock Windchimes, which are known for their musically-tuned chimes. (And they are a family-owned company, just like us!)




Dot’s also carries the area’s largest varietyof grills and grilling accessories,
so you can get some bites going while you hang out.

Visit us at 3411 Richmond Road,or enjoy site-to-store shipping from!



Featured image: Patio Lights by lansotto licensed under CC BY 2.0

Featured image: Patio Lights by lansotto licensed under CC BY 2.0Save




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