Happy November! 5 Myths About Turkeys

Some 46 million turkeys will be eaten in homes across America this Thanksgiving. Just show someone a picture of a turkey and it can conjure up images of pumpkin pie and time spent around the table with family or friends.

But, it turns out some of our turkey knowledge is just legend and lore. Read on as we dispel some common myths about turkeys.

1. Turkeys don’t make eggs.

Chicken eggs are such a breakfast standard, most of us have probably never even stopped to think about a turkey egg. Do they exist? Why aren’t they sold in stores? Could I make an entire frittata from one? It turns out turkeys do lay eggs, but they aren’t as easy to get your hands on as chicken eggs. Turkeys are more protective of their eggs – they only make one or two a week – and also need more space to nest, making chickens the easier (and less expensive) fowl to use for mass production.

2. Turkeys can’t fly.

Nope, untrue. While turkeys can’t fly as well as most birds, wild turkeys are capable of short flights, enough to escape predators and roost in trees. (Farm-raised turkeys are generally too fat to fly.)

3. All turkeys say gobble.

Technically only the males (toms) gobble, while females (hens) cluck. But even more interesting is the fact that every single turkey has its own distinct voice, that’s how they tell one another apart.

4. Turkey makes us sleepy.

It’s true that turkey contains tryptophan, and it’s also true that tryptophan helps us sleep. But all meat contains about the same amount of tryptophan, turkey included. The true culprit that makes us drowsy on turkey day is all of the extra carbs we ingest (and alocohol doesn’t help). So if you need to blame your nap on something, point a finger toward the dressing, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, and Nana’s famous rolls.

5. Turkey is hard to cook.

It’s been the subject of countless movie scenes where the turkey is either impossible to cook (The Money Pit , The Santa Clause), impossible to carve (Little Fockers) or destined to be eaten by a pack of neighborhood dogs (A Christmas Story). No wonder we’re afraid to try.

But the truth is, baking a turkey is not as scary as it seems. Whether you’re trying it on your TraegerBig Green Egg, or just in a conventional oven, there are a myriad of resources online to help you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Dot’s Ace Hardware.


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