Holiday Gift Guide: Christmas Morning Edition

It’s almost Christmas, so you’re probably done shopping… Right? You’ve selected the perfect gifts for everyone, and now they’re resting under the tree, waiting for their big debut.

This post isn’t about selecting gifts.

It’s about getting the darn things open.

Have you ever gathered the family on Christmas morning and realized with dismay that you don’t have all of the tools you need for everyone to properly enjoy their gifts? Yeah, it’s pretty much the worst. That’s why you should head to Dot’s before the big day to make sure you’ve got everything you need to facilitate easy gift-opening.



You should always have a supply of batteries in varying sizes, but you never need them more than you do on Christmas morning. Because if you forget, good luck finding a store that’s open on Christmas morning! Don’t worry—you can stock up on all sizes of batteries right here at Dot’s Ace Hardware.

Utility knife/box cutter

This is a no-brainer. Don’t wrestle packages with your pocket knife or your kitchen scissors. You’ll want a bonafide utility knife in stock so you can rip open tightly taped packages with ease (and without risk of cutting yourself).

Goo Gone

How many times have you opened the perfect gift and been unable to get the pesky, sticky tag off? Whether you’re looking at a picture frame, mirror, or other hard surface with a hard-to-remove sticker, Goo Gone will be a lifesaver when it comes to getting that tag off. Just make sure you check the Goo Gone label first to make sure it won’t damage the surface of your gift.


If you’re going to install batteries in your kid’s shiny new toy, you may have to deal with some seriously tiny screws. If you don’t already have some tiny Phillips heads in your Craftsman collection, now is the time to add a couple—and make sure you’ve got your toolbox handy on Christmas morning.


Don’t have these things at the house? You’ve still got time to come down to Dot’s Ace Hardware and stock up! Stop in at 3411 Richmond Road to see all of our holiday offerings, or shop online at Ace Hardware for free site-to-store shipping every day!

Nothing puts a damper on the Christmas spirit like not having the basic tools and supplies you need to enjoy your gifts. What other practical tools do you always have on hand on Christmas morning that isn’t on our list?


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