Winter Bird Feeding 101

Winter is a critical time to feed birds because there are less natural food supplies around. Did you notice the birds going crazy last week when we had a little bit of snow? They go into a frenzy when they know the ground could get covered and they won’t be able to search it for food. Backyard feeding can make a real impact on their well-being during the cold months.

Birdfeeding can be rewarding in other ways, especially if you are a bird watcher or just an admirer. Placing feeders close to your home allows you to see, and photograph, the variety of birds your feeders attract. Read on for a few more tips to feeding our feathered friends:

1) Keep feeders near trees or bushes which the birds can use as shelter from rain (or snow) and wind.

2) Using a covered feeder protects your birdseed from moisture and gives the birds a little protection from weather while they eat.

3) Suet feeders provide a lot of protein, which woodpeckers are especially big fans of!

4) If you notice that your feeder is not being used for a few days in a row, check it out. If the feed has gotten moldy from moisture the birds won’t eat it. Empty it, wash it with a mild bleach solution, dry thoroughly and you’re ready to refill with fresh seed!

5) Once you start feeding your birds, you should continue regularly. Your feeders will become part of the daily pattern for the birds and they’ll come back as long as you keep the food coming.

6) Store your seed in a protected place such as the garage in a covered container. This keeps it dry and also keeps squirrels and other pests from getting into it.

Featured image: Eyeing the Seeds by Jeff Rosenberg licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ready to start feeding the birds?
Stop by and see us at 3411 Richmond Road in Texarkana to see our full line of bird feeders, houses and seed. Or, as always, you can order online from and get free shipping to our store!

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