Home Storage Hacks to Help Organize Your Space

A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.

That’s easier said than done, right? But it’s true! Taking the time to carefully plan your space and designate a place for every item can make a huge difference when it comes to organizing your home. Luckily, there are a few handy products that can help provide some great home storage solutions.

Hyloft Steel Ceiling Storage Rack | $33.99

Look up.

There’s only so much wall space available. If you need to make room for more stuff in your garage, look up! Ceiling racks help you corral your goods in a rarely used, out-of-the-way spot. For bonus points, color code your bins—think red for Christmas decorations, green for gardening supplies, etc. It’ll make it even easier to retrieve your stored items when the time comes.

Homz Black File Crate | 6-pack for $41.94

Make peace with your entryway.

Or the door leading into your garage. Or, basically, any door where people come in at the end of the day and leave their junk—backpacks, dirty shoes, jackets. Wherever that’s already naturally occurring, add a coat rack or wall hooks for the clothing and one or two of these handy, lightweight crates. It gives people a space to drop their stuff, and it’s really easy to stash in the closet if you’ve got guests coming over.

Something else you can do with your 6-pack of crates: use them to organize food in your deep freezer. Group it logically (proteins, veggies, maybe a crate for all of that deer meat you need to store) and it’ll be easier for you to sort through your frozen foods when it’s time to cook.

Simple Human Mini Step-on 1.2 Gal. Waste Can | $23.99

And make peace with your trash.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but here goes: most homes have trash cans in the kitchen and the bathroom, but that’s about it. Meanwhile, junk mail, receipts, and random trash can pile up in common areas. You’re more likely to go ahead and toss the clutter if you’ve got a trash can accessible, so invest in a few small, tasteful trash cans to put in your living spaces (just make sure you empty them regularly).


Rubbermaid® Corner Tool Tower | $19.99

Stash it in the corner.

Here’s what we love about this guy: first, it fits snugly in the corner and doesn’t take up a ton of space. Second, it’s easy to store a variety of garden tools in it. And third, at only $19.99, you’re not dropping a ton of cash on a simple solution. Sure, you could probably DIY-something. There’s probably a tutorial out there on the Internet to help you store your garden goods with bungee cords and binder clips. But if you’re like us, a ready-made and inexpensive solution like this one usually wins.

Need some unique storage solutions for your home or garage? Stop by Dot’s Ace Hardware at 3411 Richmond Road, Texarkana, TX, or shop online anytime with FREE site-to-store shipping at AceHardware.com.

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