7 Ways to Prep Your Lawn for Spring

We think it’s safe to say that winter weather is mostly done in East Texas. Sure, we may get a few more chilly mornings, but it’s time to accept that the snow day just isn’t coming.

The good news is, when we get a clear day and want to head outdoors, it’s not too soon to start prepping our lawns for Spring! Here are 7 early moves to get your lawn Spring-ready:

1. Get your tools ready.

Assess your garden tools and see what needs to be cleaned of rust, sharpened, or even replaced. This is also a great time to make sure your mower has sharp blades that will be ready to cut when you are. Need a few supplies? Stop by and see us at Dot’s Ace Hardware for replacement tools as well as gloves, mulch and other yard & garden needs.

2. Wake up your grass.

Grab a rake and clear leaves and debris from your grass. This serves double-duty by stimulating the grass as well. Consider dropping some grass seed into bare patches that look like they could use some new growth.

3. Weed out weeds.

Check the perimeters of any flower beds and around trees and shrubs for weeds that need to go. Remove last year’s perrenial foliage to clear the way for new growth.

Have a problem area with tall or thick grass?
Dot’s Rentals has a Brush Cutter, available to rent by the day!

4. Just add mulch.

Adding 2-3 inches of mulch in flower beds, around the base of trees and shrubs and any emerging perennials will help keep weeds from growing, protect the plants from too much sun and help them retain moisture.

5. Prune back trees and shrubs.

Trim dead or diseased ends off of any woody plants or trees. Give flowering plants and shrubs a prune to stimulate new growth. Thin out anything that looks too wild from the previous season.

6. Aerate your lawn.

Aerating is not just for the pros, homeowners can also use an aerator to create holes that will allow nutrients, air, and water to penetrate grass roots. Who owns an aerator, though?! Dot’s Rentals does! Actually we have two, a freestanding unit and one that pulls behind a mower, both available to rent by the day. (Call 903-792-7011 to reserve.)

7. Hold off on fertilizing …

until you do your first mowing of the season. We got that tip from Bob Vila, so just trust.

Ready to get equipped for the season?

Your neighborhood hardware store at 3411 Richmond Road has everything you need to give your yard some TLC this spring!

Stop by and see us, or enjoy free site-to-store shipping when
you shop online at acehardware.com.






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