So You’re Ready to Start Your First Garden

If you’ve ever thought about planting your own garden and growing your own fresh veggies, now is the time to get started.

If you’ve never gardened before and want to wade in, a raised flower bed (or even large containers) is a good way to start. There are a ton of DIY plans online for raised beds, and even some complete kits out there, like this one from Ace that ships free to our store.

Raised beds can be lined with landscaping cloth to keep weeds and underground pests (like moles) out, saving you a lot of work.

If you want to go bigger, rent a tiller and till a spot in your yard to plant. Now that danger of frost is over (we hope), you can purchase plants like tomatoes and squash and transplant right into your bed. If you want to start with seeds, it’s not too late for our region to start things like beans, carrots, corn, onions, peppers, okra or melons (wait another month for those last two) right in the ground.

Come in today to see our selection of tools, seeds & potting soil!

Use technology to help you! Luckily for us now, there are tons of resources available to help with gardening, from watering to just plain ole information. The Farmer’s Almanac offers suggestions for when things should be planted for your area (Texarkana here), and you can even sign up for email alert to remind you when conditions are optimal for each crop you want to plant. Farmer’s didn’t have info like that 50 years ago!

Soaker hoses make watering easy

The most important part of gardening is to have fun! Experiment and see what happens, you may be surprised at how easily things sprout up. It’s fairly inexpensive and the rewards are many.


Visit us at 3411 Richmond Road and let one of our friendly associates help you get your supplies together.

Don’t have all of the tools you need? Rent them from our sister store, Dot’s Rentals & Sales.

Tillers, saws, nail guns, wheelbarrow, they have it all!



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