What Makes Traeger Grills Different?

If you’ve been into our store lately, you’ve probably seen that we have a LOT of grills. Black ones, bronze ones, and let’s not forget those green ones. If you’re new to grilling you may be asking yourself, what’s the difference between these?! Today we are highlighting one of our favorite brands, Traeger.

What makes Traeger different from all the rest?
Traeger grills use wood pellets, instead of charcoal or gas. Wood naturally enhances the flavor of the meat and purists claim it’s as close to ways our ancestors cooked meat as you can get (with wood, over fire).  Enthusiasts claim that meat cooked over a wood-fired grill tastes better than other cooking methods.

Would you believe us if we said you won’t even need a lighter?
Traeger grills are super easy to use. They feature a temperature control knob, much like your oven, that allows you to set a temperature and let the grill do the rest. Load pellets into the hopper and an auger turns and pulls them into the fire pit as needed to keep the temperature consistent. No need to babysit the grill or use fancy thermometers to get the right temperature. (Temperature goes from “smoke” to 450 degrees, so it can smoke, grill or roast.)

Where will I get the hardwood pellets that the Traeger needs?
Lucky for you, Traeger makes their own house brand of pellets and we carry those in-store. With flavors like oak, apple, hickory, pecan, and mesquite, as well as proprietary blends, you can experiment with a variety of flavor combinations.

Bonus: With no open flames, these grills are HOA approved, so go ahead and use one on your covered porch or patio.

Ready to take one home? We have good news.
Get $50 off a Bronson series or $100 off a Pro series Traeger grill from June 7-18.
Still aren’t sold? Our friendly associates are always available to answer questions and help you find the grill of your dreams.
Stop by and see us at 3411 Richmond Road in Texarkana.




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