Meet Store Manager Devin Davis

If you’re a regular at Dot’s Ace Hardware, this may be a familiar face. Devin Davis was recently named Store Manager, but she has been with the company for almost seven years now (wow!). In honor of her new position, we asked Devin to tell us about working at Dot’s, and you can tell—she really loves the store and all of her customers. The next time you see her in the store, make sure you say hi and congratulate her on her new role!

How long have you worked at Dot’s? What’s your background/experience?

It’s really kind of a funny story. I was fresh out of high school and looking for a job to help me pay for college. I had never had a job before so actually finding a job that would hire an eighteen-year-old with zero work experience was a chore. Then out of the blue, Bob calls and asks if I’m still looking for a job and if I would be interested in cashiering for him part time at Dot’s Ace Hardware. Of course I took the job! Now  in January 2018 will be lucky year number seven!

I’ve held every position in the store to date (literally started from the bottom now we’re here”). I even left last year for two weeks to test the waters in a different job but it was not me! I think that was the “Ah-ha” moment. I realized that I had a passion for business and a love for this place.

What makes Dot’s unique?

The people—and I say that lovingly. We have such a unique staff that ranges in personality and talent. Plus, what other hardware store in town doubles as a mini museum and has a giant concrete rabbit? We’re also the only hardware store that greets you on a Saturday with a “Hey come back here and eat some of this food!”

What’s your favorite thing about working for Dot’s?

Everything. I love the challenge of being a manager and constantly trying to improve the store and our employees. My employees are absolutely wonderful and we have a strong sense of “family” here which makes coming to work every day interesting and fun. I think was I enjoy most of all is the customers. We have a very unique customer base, and after working with them for so long, they become like family too. Our owners are amazing too! They make this place an awesome place to work and they really care about all of us!

What’s something about Dot’s that most of your customers may not know?

A lot of people don’t’ know we do wedding registries and there are several people that still haven’t heard about our legendary grill section and spice selection. Also, half of our staff is female!

Before Agitation

What do you like to do in your free time?

All kinds of things! Right now I’m going to school for my bachelor’s in psychology, so that takes up a lot of my time. I really enjoy writing, and I’m currently working on a book called “Fernweh”. I also have a passion for cooking and for art! When I’m at work and I mix paint, I sometimes take pictures of the colorant before we shake the can. I have pictures on my Facebook page, I call them “Before Agitation”. When I feel lazy I usually hang out with my cat and my dog and play video games. If I get the weekend off, my boyfriend and I will usually go on adventures!

Why do you think it’s important to support locally-owned businesses like Dot’s?

It’s important to shop local because your money is staying in your town and not going to some guy in an office in Who-Knows-Where. It all circulates right back in to the community that we love so much. Our owners have lived here most of their lives too, and they know what works for our town. They make decisions that aren’t just best for the company but for our customers.

Beatles or Stones?

Beatles all the way.

Best burger in Texarkana?

 Reggie’s, of course!

Personal motto?

“I am not a woman. I am a force of nature.” The quote is from Courtney Love and it’s always been one of my favorites.

Parting thoughts?

I wanted to say this too, because I’ve learned a lot working at this store. I’ve learned how to fix my toilet, how to stain wood, and lots of other life lessons. Most importantly, it’s taught me a lot about myself. Working here has been a never-ending learning experience. I want to thank Bob Lyndon. He’s been such an amazing mentor to me and he’s guided me though every step of becoming a good manager! I could not have grown so much without his help! I have had customers teach me kindness, patience, gratitude. I’ve been thanked, blessed, and hugged, and it really means the world to me. When I say I love this place, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Even bad days or tough days are made better by my wonderful staff, owners, and customers.

I want to thank each and every person that walks through our doors. You’re a saint, you’re beautiful, you’re lovely, and we appreciate you guys for coming to us for help! Dot’s Ace Hardware would be nothing without our amazing customer base. I want to keep growing and improving our store so we can return the favor to our community! I hope that everyone has an awesome day and as always, Stop in and see us at Dot’s Ace Hardware!


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