These 5 Things Will Get Your Lawn Ready for Fall/Winter

“Feed” Your Lawn

Feeding your lawn a couple of times during the fall and winter will help it be more lush when next spring rolls around. Look for a “weed and feed” type product that will act as a weed killer and give your grass stronger, thicker roots in the spring.

Out With the Old

If you’re into landscaping yourself, replace any summer annuals with plants that can withstand cooler temps.

Fill It In

If you have bald patches that need extra attention, now is the time to put out grass seed so that the seeds will germinate and root before the ground is too cold. Use a fertilizer for new growth to help your new grass come in even thicker.

Let the Sunshine In

Rake any dead leaves – or even easier, mulch them up if you have the ability – so that they aren’t blocking sunlight and nutrients from your grass underneath.

Keep it Short

Mow your grass 1-2 inches shorter than you normally would to get it ready for its dormant season.

A Few Extras
– Put away any lawn tools or hoses that won’t be used again until spring
– Get your gutters cleaned out, just in case
– Get bird feeders ready for the winter

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